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Federal Government Announces Motorists WILL NOT Pay More at the Bowser

Today, the Federal Government has announced that motorists will not have to pay the new, soon to be announced, price on carbon pollution at the fuel pump. I understand that this is to simplify the mechanism any compensation will be … Continue reading

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Home insulation program in hindsight

CSIRO Just completed an analysis of the short and long term consequences of the Home insulation program. This program promised to offer substantial sustainability benefits, and one would hope that the installation of homes continues. There has however been a … Continue reading

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Slag Delivered By Australian Coal Association.

In response to the government’s decision to agree to restore $100 million to the Solar Flagships program to secure the Greens support for the flood levy, which is supposed to produce 1000 megawatts of large-scale solar power generation capacity, Australian … Continue reading

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Change Daley for the Clean Future of NSW

As the March 23, 2011, NSW election looms over the horizon, we may be witnesses of a record vote against the incumbent ALP. The first Nielsen poll of the election campaign revealed that Labor could win as few as 13 … Continue reading

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La Perouse Precinct 2011 ‘Meet the Candidates’ Forum.

On Monday evening, February 7, I attended the monthly La Perouse Precinct Meeting at which the 2011 State Election candidates for the seat of Maroubra, Murray Matson (Greens), Michael Feneley (Lib) and Michael Daley (ALP and sitting member who is … Continue reading

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Gillard Government Reduces Solar Energy Funding

Here’s a very disturbing ABC Radio Nation article from today’s Breakfast Show entitled, “Australian solar industry ‘dumbfounded’ at funding cuts”. Quite frankly, I’m devastated. I’ve had enuff of this garbage from our ‘leaders’. Arrggghhhh!!!!!

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