La Perouse Precinct 2011 ‘Meet the Candidates’ Forum.

On Monday evening, February 7, I attended the monthly La Perouse Precinct Meeting at which the 2011 State Election candidates for the seat of Maroubra, Murray Matson (Greens), Michael Feneley (Lib) and Michael Daley (ALP and sitting member who is also Police and Finance Minister) attended. Each spoke for 20 minute or so, followed by a question time.

I put the following question to all three candidates:

“On the topic of ‘nation building’, if elected, what will each of you do to lead the development of renewable energy solutions in NSW as demand for energy increases, particularly in the light of the recent heat wave?”

Well, Murray answered first, citing the Greens’ support for a tax on carbon polluters and transitioning from fossil fuels to renewables ASAP.  Michael Daley said that coal is so cheap that we’d be silly to leave it in the ground. Michael Feneley, stated that he personally supports renewables, citing that his farm’s is powered by PVs.  However, he said that politicians will not take the lead to change to renewables.  He felt that business would lead, purely for commercial reasons, and politicians would follow.  Michael Daley agreed. Murray disagreed saying that we need a complete change in the way we are going about our energy production and the sooner the better.

I rose and addressed the 25 or so residents who were attending, “So there you have it. Politicians clearly announcing, from their own mouths, that they will NOT LEAD the urgent transition from fossil fuels to renewables.”  What a sad indictment on our political ‘leaders’.  Pathetic.  I left in disgust. 🙁


I am a concerned world citizen who wishes a sustainable existence for all life forms on our wonderful planet. I also compose and play music:, promote the Sustainability Street Approach, Transition and Permaculture principles as well as a progressive Australia exemplified by GetUp!:
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