URGENT: Stop the LNP Motion to support offshore gas exploration in NSW – Call your MP today!


PEP 11 is to be debated in Federal Parliament on Monday! But we need your help to get MPs to support Monday’s motion to end PEP 11. Will you call your MP today?

A motion to deny PEP11  will be raised in Federal Parliament (Federation Chamber) at 6.30 pm Monday 19th October, by Northern Beaches Liberal MP Jason Falinksi, seconded by Dave Sharma MP. This is an incredible event that could not have happened without your voices and action and the help of our wonderful friends at Surfrider. We thank Jason Falinksi and Dave Sharma for representing the community and for moving the motion to end PEP 11. But we need your help to ensure there is support for this motion…. 

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The motion to deny PEP 11 also has the support of Zali Steggal MP and Adam Bandt MP. But Central Coast and Newcastle MPs Lucy Wicks, Emma McBride, Pat Conroy and Sharon Claydon have not yet said if they will support or oppose PEP11. If you live in one of these electorates and don’t want gas rigs on your beaches, please CALL your MP THIS WEEK to ask them to support Jason Falinksi’s motion to deny PEP 11. (Robertson, Dobell and Shortland are marginal seats where this issue could decide the next election). (If you are outside these electorates please call your Federal MP).

Thousands of emails have already been inundating MPs thanks to all of you, in our email action, all cc’d to  Minister Keith Pitt (now the sole decision-maker regarding extension of PEP 11). A statement from Jason Falinski’s office states that Minister Keith Pitt “has received thousands of emails from people all over Australia opposing the PEP-11 and is an issue at the top of his mind.”

Could you help by calling your MP today to help support the motion to end PEP 11? You will speak to a staff member who will note your message. 

ALSO please call opposition leader Anthony Albanese (02) 9564 3588
(or find your electorate here and contact your federal MP.)

Please congratulate your coastal MP who is supporting the end of PEP 11, and thank them for listening to the community:
Jason Falinski, Dave Sharma, Zali Steggall.


PEP 11 (Petroleum Exploration Permit 11) risks devastating our coast, our marine animals, our climate and our way of life in a shocking plan to industrialise our beautiful coast and put rigs on our favourite beaches. (PEP11 is 4,500 square km of ocean from Manly through the Central Coast to Newcastle, right in the whale migration path and on the iconic world-renowned NSW coast that we rely on for wellbeing and livelihoods.

They call it PEP 11 – we call it HOME.

Drilling for gas off our coast risks harm to marine life such as dolphins and whales, pollutes the fragile marine ecosystem with drilling lubricants and risks a catastrophic oil spill (oil is often present with gas) from which our coast would never recover.

Fugitive emissions and gas flares affect air quality impacting health, and accelerates climate damage: methane the main component in gas is 84 times more powerful at destabilising the climate than carbon dioxide. Australia already has plenty of gas – we export two-thirds of our gas –  We don’t need PEP11.

Together we stopped seismic testing off our coast. We united en masse to stop inhumane blasting for oil or gas off our coast.

However if PEP 11 is renewed, oil and gas companies could reinstate seismic testing at any time. We need to continue to speak up so that PEP 11 (due to expire in Feb 2021) is NOT renewed for the sake of climate, livelihoods, economy, wellbeing and way of life.

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