Dear fellow CASES Members and Supporters,

Our last meeting for the year 2016 is at 7pm Wednesday 23 November.

There are lots of new projects for you to collaborate with fellow CASES Members on.

Some background on recent forays towards making a more sustainable future:
Jonathan Milford has been working tirelessly with Richard Deng to create a feasible proposal for a renewable energy power station on Malabar Headland. At a meeting the other day with Bruce Notley-Smith, Jonathan was given Bruce Notley-Smith’s support for the idea.

Richard Deng will give us a summary of his scoping and feasibility studies that were presented at the  meeting. Richard’s initial draft is for a solar system that would not require removal of the rifle range.

CASES is keen for any insights you can contribute to assist formulating a joint submission on the NSW environmental future funding package. (Visit
CASES ought to make a submission as it is alarming that most of the funding is to go towards Policy and Advocacy instead of Operations, ie. mostly words and little action. Also the target of net zero emssions by 2050 is pathetic and we doubt very much whether it is compatible with the Paris Agreement.

It would also be great if you have any thoughts on recruitment and future plans.

Your sincerely for a sustainable World,
Ian Rose on behalf of the CASES Team

CASES meets at 7pm the 4th Weds of every month except December
Barrett House, 6 Barrett Pl. Randwick NSW 2031 (map)
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