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New Solar Taking the Lead Worldwide

Here’s something to lift your spirits:

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Petition to End World Wide Fossil Fuel Subsidies

The Rio Earth Summit starts tomorrow, Monday, June 18, and there is a very important message we can be sending the world’s leaders there. That is we demand an end to government subsidies paid to polluting fossil fuel producers. Get … Continue reading

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U.N. Environment Program Warms That Earth is Undergoing Unprecedented Changes.

The U.N. Environment Program issued a report warning that Earth is undergoing unprecedented changes. “As human pressures on the Earth system accelerate, several critical global, regional and local thresholds are close or have been exceeded,” UNEP’s fifth Global Environmental Outlook … Continue reading

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Scientific American Reports Earth Nearing an Environmental Tipping Point

“Human activities are pushing Earth toward a “tipping point” that could cause sudden, irreversible changes in relatively stable conditions that have allowed civilization to flourish, a new study warns. There are signs that a toxic brew of climate change, habitat … Continue reading

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90% of Rising Ocean Temperatures Blamed on Man-Made Greenhouse Gases!

Ocean warming a largely man-made phenomena, say researchers.  If you ever needed any more proof, this just about takes the cake! Warming ocean temperatures over the past 50 years have been largely man-made, according to new research. The study, published … Continue reading

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More Proof On the Reality of Global Warming!

Warming Arctic Tundra Producing Pop-Up Forests: This is a very worrying development. Tony Abbott ignorant banter about the pricing mechanism on CO2 emissions is laughable in the light of this evidence of global warming!

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Australia Lagging Behind in Global Clean Tech Race

Four of Australia’s top trading partners are among the world’s fastest growing clean energy manufacturing hubs in 2010-2011, with Australia lagging in 26th spot, according to a new report commissioned by WWF. The third edition of Clean Economy, Living Planet … Continue reading

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