NSW Government Announces Inquiry into the Economics of Energy Generation

The NSW Government announced, on November 23rd, 2011, an Inquiry into
the Economics of Energy Generation
as follows:

Public Accounts Committee Inquiry into the economics of energy
generation Terms of Reference:
That the Committee inquire into and report on the comparable economics
of energy generation in
New South Wales. In particular, the Committee will consider:
(i) the mix of energy sources used in New South Wales;
(ii) a comparison of NSW’s energy mix with other jurisdictions both in
Australia and overseas;
(iii) issues relating to long term energy security in New South Wales;
(iv) the potential for NSW sourcing energy interstate;
(v) the potential for, and barriers to, development of alternative
forms of energy generation (e.g. tidal, geothermal) in New South
Wales; and,
(vi) best practice in alternative energy generation in other

They are asking for submissions. Please make one if you have time.
The Clean Energy Council has some good background info under the Technologies drop down menu.  For more activist input, search the Climate Spectator.


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