Add one local Target – Add an International one and go for it

As reported in Crikey re Durban today ,

Here it is: all countries have agreed to negotiate by 2015 a single, legally binding global agreement that will cover all major carbon pollution emitters including the big guns — China, India and the United States. Never before have all major emitters agreed to have pollution commitments captured by a single, legally enforceable agreement. This eliminates the question oft repeated in this country — if they’re not, why should we?

and quoting here

… the message to investors could not be clearer: the world is committed to de-carbonising the global economy. Be prepared. The carbon crunch will last a lot longer and have a far greater impact than the credit crunch.

Now just add to this Australia’s own commitments to a carbon price and you have the key to Investment in renewable Resources. You have clear financial reasons for organisations to make changes to reduce their footprint in the long term, and this will apply to the rest of the world. The starting flag has been waved – who is going to be left behind ?

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