Federal Government Announces Motorists WILL NOT Pay More at the Bowser

Today, the Federal Government has announced that motorists will not have to pay the new, soon to be announced, price on carbon pollution at the fuel pump. I understand that this is to simplify the mechanism any compensation will be delivered to motorists.

There was no mention about whether oil producers and petrol refiners will pay the tax. I imagine they will, otherwise I cannot see the Greens supporting it. I think the announcement today is an insight on how the Government will administer compensation to households while targeting the tax on polluters. It is totally unacceptable if the oil companies are to be omitted from the price on pollution.

Currently, the fossil fuel industry is subsidised by $12 billion each year in various government schemes to keep fuel prices low for polluting businesses. I am hoping that the new price on carbon pollution removes much of these subsidies and redirects them to renewable energy investment. This is another way the government can delver the right changes for a renewable energy future for Australia while preserving the budget surplus that is so important to them politically. I certainly have written to the MPCCC as well as the relevant ministers regularly about this. Here’s hoping ……..


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