Home insulation program in hindsight

CSIRO Just completed an analysis of the short and long term consequences of the Home insulation program.

This program promised to offer substantial sustainability benefits, and one would hope that the installation of homes continues.

There has however been a brutal attack on this scheme in part provided to protect us from the GFC, it is clear the we escaped the full impact of the GFC but the media and opposition would have you believe it was a disaster. All those house fires remember ?. Anyway Crikey has taken the figures further and you can see the details for yourself.

In short the analysis shows that both the long and short term rate of house fires was less that prior to the scheme. That is the Scheme was more masterfully executed, in respect of the rates of fires, than had been the case before it was undertaken. Apart from the fact the installers were the only ones that could and should be held responsible for fire causing installations, the governments “Duty of Care” did actually reduce the rate of fires.

As usual the people who plastered their opinion all over the media without any supportive facts will remain quiet once the truth is out.


  • Continue to Promote the installation of insulation by reputable installers
  • Tell everyone you know this result because the media and opposition is unlikely to wipe the egg of their faces in public.
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