29th September – Notes from the COAL face

CASES Meeting Notes, Wednesday 29th September, 7pm – 9pm

(Paraphrasing minutes)

Presentation from Jaan Boersma – Jaan presented on engineered geothermal energy. For future discussion – what action can we take as a group to promote geothermal energy?

Reports on events

  • Sustainable House Day – Leeanne and Greg opened their home to 70 visitors.  ‘Twas a fun and successful day, thanx to the three volunteer helpers!
  • Randwick Ecoliving Fair – The group felt the fair was successful in engaging children (kid’s corner), signing up new members (35) and getting signatures for the 100% Renewables campaign.  The 100% Renewables Conversation Cafe panel was a success as well, eruditely prosecuting the case.
  • Eastern Suburbs Community College course – Greg and Tony completed Sustainable Futures course with Randwick Council. The course provided valuable facilitation skills to contribute to future CASES activities.


350 Day 10th Oct

CASES vision and strategy

  • Suggestion from last meeting was that we have a planning day.  Further planning on google group led by Tony and Greg.

Engaging with our membership/group building

  • Social events: Late Oct Early November BBQ idea, and 6-monthly BBQ – Suggestion to run a social event.
  • Members survey – timing will depend on when the survey is ready.

Requests received

  • NSW climate groups meet up on Wed 6th Oct, 6-9pm.  Is anybody interested in participating? Action: at this stage no one is able to participate in person, but some members will investigate “phone in” option.
  • CANA workshop on post-election planning, Friday 22nd Oct, 9am – 5pm.  Is anybody interested in participating?
  • Waverley Council invites us to have a stall and participate in “Fixit Fest” at Bondi Beach on Sat 13th November. Waverley Council to be advised that we cannot have a stall due to other commitments, but can promote the event and provide leaflets/resources.
  • Request to support Camp for Climate Action, 1-5 December – CASES has been invited to 1) promote the Camp; 2) sell raffle tickets to raise funds; and 3) officially endorse the Camp. Action: vote at the next meeting so that members have time to research and decide.

This was enjoyed by all was both inspirational and fun. – Tony

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