25th August – Notes from the COAL face

Some items from Yesterdays meeting; From Miriam’s Minutes.

Election feedback

  • Overall swing to Greens, many people disgruntled about lack of action on climate change
  • Minority government may help to drive climate change policy

Feedback from events

  • Wentworth Getup! Forum went really well.  Standing room only.  The audience came up with questions, so Greg didn’t ask any of ours.
  • Walk Against Warming was good mood but not a large crowd in an election year.  Maybe a tired strategy now.  But clearly a need for ongoing mass presentation of people to keep in the public consciousness.  Also needs to be at a politically relevant time, not just once a year by default.
  • Beyond Zero Emissions, Zero Carbon Australia launch.  Very well attended.  Greg was able to meet the speakers.

Items in discussion

  • Regular meeting times and venue issues
  • User membership types/surveys and events
  • CASES vision and direction Ideas of what CASES can do
  • Website/ Google Group /Facebook/Mail list and Logo development

Sustainable House Day see http://www.sustainablehouseday.com/

  • Tony is volunteering at a house in Annandale
  • Greg and Leeanne are opening their house

Randwick Eco Living Fair

  • Lots of great ideas have turned into action items
  • More details soon but see the official activities
  • See Randwick Eco Living Fair at 10.30am to 3.30pm,
    Sunday 19 September, 2010
    , at the Randwick Community Centre, 27 Munda Street Randwick.

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Building a sustainable organisation for innovation through research, development and demonstrating sustainable practices.
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