ATA – Alternative Technology Association

At the next meeting of the Sydney Central Branch, Yale Carden will
provide an overview of geoexchange systems and how they are applied in
both residential and commercial buildings as well as at the district
scale. Yale will outline the feasibility of applying the technology to
a particular project as well as case studies of existing

Geoexchange systems (also called ground source or geothermal heat pump
systems) provide efficient heating, cooling and hot water through the
use of stored solar energy present within the ground or a body of
water.  Geoexchange systems also appear in the Aldo Lepold Legacy
Centre, considered to be the world’s greenest building, and in
commercial and institutional projects around the world and in

Yale has 15 years experience in the environmental / sustainability
industry and the past five as Managing Director of GeoExchange

At the meeting, we will be celebrating ATA’s 30th Birthday and plus
some brief intro about possible future projects.  No RSVP’s are needed
for this one, any enquires to

Time: 6 pm to 8 pm on Tuesday August 10.

Location: Wallaby Room, Telstra Building,11th floor, 320 Pitt St,

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