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25th August – Notes from the COAL face

Some items from Yesterdays meeting; From Miriam’s Minutes. Election feedback Overall swing to Greens, many people disgruntled about lack of action on climate change Minority government may help to drive climate change policy Feedback from events Wentworth Getup! Forum went … Continue reading

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How to respond to the arguments of climate denialists

Hi CASES folks, I have compiled a useful webpage for the Climate Action Network Australia on how to respond to the arguments of climate denialists. Also, there are a range of membership benefits that you can receive from CASES’ membership … Continue reading

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ATA – Alternative Technology Association

At the next meeting of the Sydney Central Branch, Yale Carden will provide an overview of geoexchange systems and how they are applied in both residential and commercial buildings as well as at the district scale. Yale will outline the … Continue reading

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Wentworth Electoral Forum

CANDIDATES Malcolm Turnbull (libs) Steven Lewis (ALP) Matthew Robertson  (Greens) GUEST SPEAKERS Andrew Hewett – Oxfam Australia Alistair Gee –  Act For Peace SPEAKERS WILL BE FOLLOWED BY PUBLIC QUESTION TIME AND LIGHT SUPPER COME ALONG – JOIN THE GROWING … Continue reading

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