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We’re Putting Surry Hills Crown St CommBank ‘Under New Management’

435 Crown St, Surry Hills NSW 2010, Australia In Crown St Surry Hills we are going to put CommBank ‘Under New Management’ as part of a wave of community actions across Australia from 13-15 August. CommBank’s decision makers have time and time … Continue reading

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‘Let’s Build Big Solar’ Campaign Launch @ Bondi Beach, Saturday, March 10!

Come along and show your support for renewable energy…. Join the launch of the Big Solar campaign this Saturday at Bondi Beach! This March ‘Big Solar’ Groups across 50 electorates around the country are launching a campaign to make sure … Continue reading

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Spanish Concentrated Solar Thermal Plant Commissioned!

Torresol Energy has commissioned the 19.9MW Gemasolar concentrated solar power plant in Seville, Spain, the first commercial-scale CSP plant that combines a solar tower technology with extensive thermal storage capabilities. The plant uses an innovative molten salt heat transfer technology … Continue reading

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The Critical Decade ….

Australia’s Climate Commission, a Federal Government appointed group of eminent scientists recently released their latest report recent entitled “The Critical Decade“. “Over many decades thousands of scientists have painted an unambiguous picture: the global climate is changing and humanity is … Continue reading

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350.org’s Moving Planet Event, 24/10/2011

Here’s something into which you can get your teeth. 350.org, an international organisation that is working to get our atmospheric carbon down to 350 parts per million from it’s current, and rising, level of over 390 ppm, is planning a … Continue reading

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