Walk for Water, Protect Our Drinking Water Catchments from Mining Madness 21 to 28-2-2015

On the edge of our City, Sydney’s drinking water catchments are under serious threat and in danger of being forever polluted if we can’t stop the mining madness now.

Once CSG is in your water, that’s it. Maybe the mining advocates think a purifier will be developed by then. I wonder who’s taxes will pay for that, seeing as mining only pay 13% now and we have seen the pittance in clean up contributions from them before. Read Mining Australia’s account of a recent spill and imagine that in our pristine drinking water.

Over the coming week (from 21 to 28 Jan) people from all over Sydney will be Walking for Water to help create awareness of the dangers of increased mining in our drinking water catchments.
No where else in the world allows mining in their drinking water, yet the corrupt NSW Govt want’s to increase it.
This is particularly galling seeing as Barry O’Farrell promised “that the next Liberal Govt will ensure mining will not occur in any water catchments, no ifs no buts a guarantee”, see him speak here.
It seems they are only good at accepting developers money as ICAC has proven with 11 of them either losing their jobs and/or position.

Faced with an inactive and deceitful Govt we have been left with no choice but to take it to the streets.
So if you prefer your water not to be flammable and poisonous, now is the time to join the the Walk for Water here and sign on for the section(s) of the walk you are most like to enjoy.
Sydney drinking water catchment

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