CASES’ Monthly Meeting is Tonight, Wednesday, 28th of March, 2012.

CASES’ Next Monthly Meeting is Tonight, Wednesday, 28th of March, 2012.

Tonight’s Agenda.

1. Casual introductions and food

2. Welcome new members

3. Saturdays Earth Hour Fun Day

4. Big Solar Survey Preparation

5. Preview of our new online Forum

6. Our Internet presence

7. Matters from last meeting

Let’s Build Big Solar Campaign:
Ian and Tony have been hard at work developing the above website so check it out, lots of dinner table knowledge there. Did you know base load solar exists ?

Online Forums:
Greg, Anne-Marie and Tony are building the CASES online forums and will give a preview tonight!


Randwick City Council’s Earth Hour Fun Day, Saturday, March 31:

We will be operating a CASES table at this weekends Earth Hour Fun day
When: Saturday 31 March 2012
Time: 10.00am – 2.00pm
Location: Randwick City Council’s Works Depot, 192 Storey Street Maroubra

We will be doing Big Solar surveys.

Tony will be there with the ATA doing Home Energy savings tips with Greg Hunt a Sustainable Architect, there will be a band and speakers.

Come and say hi to the team and have a wonderful day out.

Don’t forget Earth Hour, an awareness raising exercise @ 8:30PM this Saturday.


I am a concerned world citizen who wishes a sustainable existence for all life forms on our wonderful planet. I also compose and play music:, promote the Sustainability Street Approach, Transition and Permaculture principles as well as a progressive Australia exemplified by GetUp!:
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