Coal Seam Gas & Coal Mining in NSW Forum

Here’s an important forum that may interest you:

Environmental Implications of Coal Seam Gas and Coal Mining in NSW

Phillip Adams – chairperson, Jack Mundey – opening

Coal seam gas (CSG) is hailed as the energy source with a smaller carbon footprint than coal. However CSG coal mining proposed for the Liverpool Plains, Hunter Valley, St Peters and Warragamba Dam catchments could cause considerable environmental damage and loss of prime agricultural lands. Damage to aquifers, competition for groundwater and disposal of extracted salt water are concerns of farmers and rural towns, as are the chemicals injected for Fracking the coal seams to extract the gas. Fugitive emissions from pipes, well leaks and coal mines can release damaging methane. Particulates from open cut mining can cause health hazards.

How can agriculture and mining co-exist in these regions? The mining companies are proposing solutions. New government regulations and adequate monitoring of mining operations are urgently required to minimise these potential environmental and health hazards.

Public Forum: 6 – 8 pm, Monday 16 May 2011
Eastern Avenue Auditorium, Building F19, University of Sydney
Please RSVP, details on the community events page of ACF’s website


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