Happy new year from CASES

The new year has started and we can all look forward to progressing the Climate action debate this year.

Why not get involved this year?. Of course you can attend meetings and actions but did you know sometimes all we need is a few ideas, you informing your friends and family that Climate change is a concern of yours, a letter written or an informed post on our website.

Most of the active CASES members have considered the issues and can help others with questions they may have. So do consider asking us a Question, if we cant answer we are sure to find someone who can.

Want to read a book on Climate Change ?, we can recommend a good read to suit your interest and level of involvement in this debate. Just ask.

Find it hard to attend meetings ? well let us know when you could be available and we can arrange an appropriate meet up. Perhaps you find it difficult to be involved because of the kids ?, well this is likely, because people with children really do concern themselves with the future for their children’s sake.

Do you have young adults in the family who are concerned about the environment ?. Perhaps they would like to come along and get active rather than loose faith with the system.

An activist yourself, suffered burn out ?, there are great resources we can link you to that help you maintain the rage yet not loose faith.

Remember how many times in the past people look back to the beginning of social movements and are proud to say they were there to be counted when it all started

Regards Tony

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