Sydney Eastern Suburbs a winning view


The following video was submitted to a Google Competition and was created from footage along the Sydney Eastern Suburbs coast which is where operates.

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  1. Lynda Newnam says:

    This looks like a promotion for the Westpac Helicopter. Cape Banks which is featured in the video is located at the end of a narrow,dangerous road(as per the Botany Bay National Park Plan of Management) with road humps and 40km restrictions. The road winds through Botany Bay National Park and provides access for visitors – by car, bicycle, and foot – who come for whalewatching, birdwatching, military heritage, fishing, beachcombing and other passive pursuits. The site is rugged and notably wind blown. Yet 1.38 ha of Cape Banks is now the new and much larger home for the SLSA Helicopter Service, formerly located at Prince Henry. This new home includes a second storey boardroom, a reception area and storage for 20,000 litres of fuel. Regular deliveries of such fuel are made by trucks using the road through the National Park. In March 2004 the NSW Health Department and the Ambulance Service of NSW commissioned international consultants(Operational Research in Health Ltd) to report on helicopter emergency services in NSW. In December 2004 the Review of Rotary Wing Services NSW final report was presented. Under section 3.2.5 the authors state: The Sydney SLSA and CareFlight helicopters and teams also have high utilisation and mission hour productivity rates. The current locations work well in relation not only to response coverage, but in terms of linking with the road and Fixed Wing retrieval systems. The planned move of the Sydney SLSA base from Mascot to the coast(Cape Banks) may cause some logistical difficulties in the latter regard.
    The story of the new Helicopter Base begins in the 1980s when Cape Banks was incorporated into Botany Bay National Park and 1.38ha of the National Park was marked out(in person) by the then local member Mr Bob Carr to be leased to the Scouts for use by scouting groups located in Sydney’s South East. Thousands of volunteer hours and dollars were contributed by parents, scouting and other volunteers on the amenities block which is located within the 1.38 ha site. April 2002: After an extensive site selection programme the Airplan Team confirmed that a site at Port Botany had been found for the SLSA Helicopter Service formerly located at Prince Henry. Landcom informed the local community at a meeting of the La Perouse Precinct Committee. July 2003: Scouts requested a 5 year lease on site but could not be issued until NPWS finalized BBNP Plan of Management. Subsequent to the finalisation of the BBNP Plan of Management Scouts advised that licence would not be extended. NPWS have said that the Scouts Association have not used the site in recent years. Accordingly the Scouts Association has no legal claim on the site. (page 54 Landcom’s Review of Environmental Factors of the site) Note that there are records of Scouts using the site during the stated period, including a photograph which appeared in the Southern Courier. The BBNP Plan of Management was finalized in 2002. 17 March 2004: Legislation to excise 1.38ha (the area leased to Scouts) of Botany Bay National Park passed through the NSW Legislative Assembly. 4 May 2004: Legislation to excise 1.38ha of Botany Bay National Park passed through NSW Legislative Council. 4 April 2005: Close of exhibition of Review of Environmental Factors(REF) for Cape Banks development. eagles, falcons, kites and hawks which provide biological control of rabbits are now considered a birdstrike problem. Military Heritage is listed as highly significant but there are no plans for remediation. There is no compensation for Scouts. There is no compensation for the loss of National Park. 13 June 2006: Notice of Intention to Lease Crown Land of 1.38 ha within Botany Bay National Park to Southern Region SLSA Helicopter Service for 20 years appears on page 102 Southern Courier 13/6/06. Lease is effective from 27 June 2006. 12 July 2006: Tenders close for Health contracts for Helicopter Emergency Services. There is 1 contract for the Sydney Basin and 1 contract for the Illawarra. Helicopter Base under construction at Cape Banks: The process raises a number of questions but the most obvious concern the integrity and efficiency of delivery of emergency service: 1. Given that the NSW Health Department and Ambulance Service of NSW had commissioned a Review of Emergency Helicopter Services on March 9, 2004, why would special legislation be put through the Lower House on March 17, 2004 and the Upper House on May 4, 2004, to specifically excise part of Botany Bay National Park for a helicopter base. Why didn’t the authorities wait for the recommendations of the Review. 2. Given that the Review of Rotary Wing Services NSW final report was available in December 2004, and given the recommendations of that report, why was there no subsequent review of the decision to locate to Cape Banks. 3. Why would the Department of Lands issue a 20 year lease to the SLSA commencing 27 June, 2006 when tenders for provision of helicopter emergency services with the NSW Health Department and Ambulance Service close 12 July, 2006. The Health contacts are for 7 years with an extension of 3 years. The contracts are for 1 operator for the Sydney Basin and 1 for the Illawarra. CareFlight operates from Westmead hospital. The Illawarra base is located in Wollongong. $8.8 million (the price quoted in the Southern Courier 28/3/06 for the Cape Banks facility) can buy a lot of flying time. The Wollongong base has been operating 10 hour days even though communities in Southern NSW need a 24 hour service. The Wollongong Base can provide coverage for South Eastern Sydney. Newcastle, at a greater distance than Wollongong, often services Sydney’s north shore and northern beaches. Careflight also services South-Eastern Sydney. For details on the Illawarra situation see and follow the link for Media Centre. The NSW Helicopter Emergency Services and the current Health Department and Ambulance Service tenders have also been a topic of discussion on the Pprune forum for helicopter pilots. The forum link is at 27 One participant on 22/6/06 commented: Political Manipulation has for years been the thorn in the side of moving the EMS helicopter system of NSW into the future. The main contract for the Helicopter service was with NSW Ambulance yet they weren’t consulted on the move to Cape Banks. The last live rescue off Botany Bay in 2007 was undertaken by Careflight which is located at Westmead.

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