Demand no mandatory jail terms for environmental protesters

About this Petition

The Tasmanian state government is about to turn democracy on its head.

The state Liberal government will introduce new laws that could see mandatory three-month prison sentences imposed on environmental protesters. The new laws would also include fines for those who incite and encourage protests.

The laws will impose a $2,000 fine for someone who is found invading or hindering a business. However, the penalty will increase to $5,000 if it goes to court with a subsequent guilty verdict.

A second offence will see protesters jailed for a mandatory three-month term, with a potential two year maximum.

It is a fundamental principle of democracy that people have the right to peacefully protest without fear of mandatory imprisonment. It is also essential that the separation of parliament and the judiciary is maintained.

Please sign the petition to demand the Tasmanian government does not introduce mandatory sentences to environmental protestors.


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