Climate Myth busting

The Climate institute has lots of resources for you to understand Climate Change. It also has handy Myth busting PDF files. Understand the issues and respond effectively to doubters and people still trying to understand by reading these.

Who is The Climate Institute?

Established in late 2005, The Climate Institute is a non-partisan, independent research organisation that works with community, business and government to catalyse and drive the change and innovation needed for a low pollution economy and culture.

Our vision is for a resilient Australia prospering in a low carbon global economy, participating fully and fairly in international climate change solutions.

Sunday, 11 September 2011 14:00

The current state of the climate policy debate has left many Australians and probably a few politicians confused and wrongly forecasting economic doom and gloom. A new series of fact sheets sets the record straight on a number of key myths and misconceptions in the climate policy debate. It’s time to move beyond the squabbling and sensationalism and look at the real challenges and opportunities of taking action.

Australia is a big polluter. We can have significant pollution reduction while growing jobs. And we are at no risk of leading the world in taking action. Instead, taking decisive action now will open up new clean energy opportunities, creating up to 34,000 new jobs in the electricity sector alone by 2030, and ensure our industries remain globally competitive as the world switches to cleaner energy and cleaner economies.

MYTH: Australia is not a significant polluter so there is no need for us to act.

MYTH: A price on pollution will not do anything to help the environment.

MYTH: A pollution price will see the demise of mining and other sectors. There will be massive job losses.

MYTH: Other countries aren’t acting so why should Australia move ahead of the rest of the world?

MYTH: If you have a pollution price then you don’t need other clean energy measures.

MYTH: Taking action to price pollution ahead of other countries will hurt Australia’s global competitiveness in the short-term.

MYTH: A pollution price is all we need to make us more energy efficient

MYTH: Putting a price on pollution won’t change behaviour.

MYTH: Scientists can’t agree. The jury is still out on whether climate change is real.

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