A successful Climate Action Summit 2012

With more than four active CASES members attending last weekends Climate Action Summit we can say there was much done and said that will help Climate activist further the cause. Watch here for a notice of when the Summits official communique is released. My personal observations and key messages  include;

  • That Climate change is occurring now and action is required now
  • That activists need to voice what is seriously wrong now and do so with due consideration to peoples normal fear reactions
  • We need to continue to indicate there are solutions but not at the expense of a realistic viewpoint. Solutions should not be fanciful but practical
  • Activists must continue to build networks and leverage each other skills and ideas, this includes with other organisations such as Business, Universities and unions.
  • Activists need to educate them selves about messaging and the psychology of people to better transmit their message and compete with the vested interests running disruption campaigns.

The official website is here;

Climate Action Summit 2012
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