Congratulations MPCCC For Making a Start ……

A price on carbon dioxide pollution is a breath of fresh air! We at CASES have been campaigning for many years to see some leadership and visionary policy regarding climate action from our pollies. On Sunday, July 10, we finally got some!

Julia Gillard’s unveiling of her government’s clean energy future policy is a welcome start to the process of transitioning Australia away from dependance on polluting fossil fuels to renewable energy. Hence, as my good friend Lynda suggested, I would like to name July 10 as Transition Day or T Day.

CASES look forward to a future of clean, renewable energy replacing dirty fossil fuel based energy, that will power a sustainable Australia, giving it energy security and, therefore, economic strength in a world in which all nations must accept the reality that fossil fuels are finite and bad for the environment and the future of it’s lifeforms.


I am a concerned world citizen who wishes a sustainable existence for all life forms on our wonderful planet. I also compose and play music:, promote the Sustainability Street Approach, Transition and Permaculture principles as well as a progressive Australia exemplified by GetUp!:
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